2-2 The Philosopher’s Stone

This compresses my evolution, from my UNCW days as a philosophy major, to a Christian.


The Philosopher’s Stone


The professor questioned, with thunderous peal

Is reality inside or outside the skull?

In thirty minutes, I’ll know what your wits reveals

By this test—and how sharp you are, or how dull.


What I feel is real, but is what I feel, real?

“Perception is reality,” I thought and wrote.

Later he asked, Is this what you think, or feel?

I left, shaking my head. I failed, I supposed, and moped.


Driving toward home, my mind jellied and congealed.

At desk, I pondered this philosophical jam.

I grabbed my Bible for answers to my ordeal.

Christ answered: “Before Abraham was, I AM.” (John 8:58)