1-9 Ice Storm

Thankfully, this occurred a number of years ago, but is apropos given it ~ 5 degrees outside and frozen snow is everywhere. I let faucets drip through the night.


Ice Storm


Glistening in headlights,

icy trees resemble deep-sea hydras.

Our house fills with chilly pitch. In candlelight

my breath bumps against a bureau

as I rummage for sweatpants and wool socks.


In the den we burrow under sleeping bags.

The fireplace stretches its red-coal throat

wide as a Roc hatchling.


I doze, and dream a spark lands on the rug


when upstairs a pipe seizes—

clangs from Cold’s bludgeon.


Awake, shuddering,

I hold my breath and listen for spurting water


but only flickers of flame


echo from dark corners.