12-19 Xmas is coming

Our church’s Lessons and Carols service was truly magnificent–full orchestra playing. Joyful.


Light’s Waves


Located 1.3 billion light years from earth, gravitational waves were detected, caused by the collision of two black holes, 100 years after Einstein predicted them in his theory of general relativity.



Twenty centuries ago—

A quake quivered Judean soil

and nova energy rolled a boulder leapt aside.

Light collided with death’s black hole


and pneuma waves rippled outward

as He strode to numb followers, then

passed through their door easier than

gravity waves and photon beams

crosses spacetime curves.


For weeks He strolled, taught, blessed, laughed, and ate

until He rose, a phoenix with arms outstretched

and faded through smoky Galilean skies.


Evermore, Light’s pneuma waves

swell and crest silent and warm as rays


into all who want to see

through dark energy,

dark bodies, and our dark minds.


Lux Perpetua—light perpetual.