11-10 Truth

Kierkegaard is a nodal figure in the history of Western philosophy. He railed against Hegel’s objective system of truth, claiming in essence, ultimately truth is personal, and what one believes. (Until some circumstance and event dispels one’s core beliefs).

Truth as Subjectivity

—Søren Kierkegaard concept


The theist and atheist stood their ground—

Each felt their viewpoints were logically sound.


“Did matter precede mind, or mind matter?”

They mixed polemic views in cosmic batter.


“Spontaneous generation evolved

And evolution proves the matter solved.”


“So amoebas became woman and man?

So chance rolled dice, and consciousness began?”


They debated through the day and through the night:

Did Light herald darkness, or darkness, light?


Later one heard his biopsy test, so grim.

Which one shrugged his shoulders? Which one prayed to Him?


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