11-8 In Darker Times

The title is not coincidental with today’s voting–although it is apropos.

I have heard countless accounts of grief (the personal mental, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual  effects of loss) during my employment and now leading such a group at a local prison camp. Hence, this one emerged:


In Dark Times


In dark times

the ways of God are inscrutable—

river flooding lives away, his malignancy,

her cold-case jaw found by a hiker—

becomes personal chronicle.


In dark times

did God plan such pitiless rendezvous?

A toss of cosmic dice that lands

snake-eyes up, so faith

is brutally bruised?

God doesn’t play dice.


In dark times

hope looks discarded, an old mop

and God feels distant as

Day Star’s dimmest plea

that afternoon.


In dark times

when His light seems to stop,

His sacred heart—

through loyal saints, family,

friends and Spirit—rubs salve









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