10-30 Reason and faith

Eons ago I was a philosophy major and learned intellect matters, but faith matters more.


Fides Quaerens Intellectum


“Faith seeking understanding” a saintly man wrote,

glued against a billboard along some dusty road

I once jogged.


Where was the noumenal in the phenomenal fields

of ripe corn, bulging cotton, and blackbirds

huddling on wire across that rural junction?


So dazzled by intellectual radiance studying Plato—

but weekends: spelunking in underground dens,

chained to bar stools under happy smoke

and grasping at shadows of images under sheets—

The Republic mummified in the cinder-block bookcase.


Fides quaerens intellectum.


Faith? Mine unpeeled as that old billboard,

apple skins left overnight on the deck

even blackbirds snub.


My faith seeks His understanding arms


and now I believe that I may understand.