10-13 Kánnabis Creed

Kánnabis Creed


Our bipeds found from dried out twigs and grass,

One plant’s fanning leaves and seeds,

Tossed into flames, released a smoky gas.

Inhaled, was better than fermented mead.


They identified the serrated leaf

And in burning they all agreed:

When smoking on mountains, on plains, by reefs,

They soared above on empyrean steeds.


.           .


We worshiped this idol with incense smoke

And sanctified this divine weed.

Our eyes would water. We thought we’d choke.

But it became dogma and hallowed creed.


.           .


I’m now a triped with a decade lost.

My neurons are blocked by weed seeds.

My mind is as clear as a window’s frost,

And in the rest home I live on spoon feed.