A Stumbling Block

After they pried out Rome’s nails
from His wrists and ankles, the post stood,
wound-stained, for the next one,
a pillar of foreboding

and in piles, like railroad ties,
crossbeams waited for the next
seditionist, or King against Pax Romana.

Pontius Pīlātus was comforted next week
as those bearded temple worshipers—
and their invisible “God” superstition—
left for another year.

A bloody mess he thought
as rivers of animal blood ran down slopes…
The stench from the Valley of Hinnom
will last for days!

King of the Jews, huh? He had a busy Monday
as others would be dragged before his judgment seat.
Better wash my face and get going.

The post and crossbeam remained for decades
until sun and rain and worms rotted it away.
Others replaced them.

.           .

19 centuries later,
inscribed on a limestone block

and 19 centuries later IESVS
is found inscribed on billions of souls.

Pax Christi.